I'm Cameron Paice.

The bottom line is that I'm passionate about most things creative.  My passion extends to every facette of music, video production, and graphic design.


I fell in love with everything music in 2009.  It started out being a distraction from my high school studies, and ended up making me leave my university course to learn as much as I could.  Thats when I started studying Music Industry, and along with the many friends I met along the way, and help from some great mentors, I began learning to craft songs, and produce music.

Fast forward a few years, and I am spending as much of my time as a I can, on my laptop, in my studio, playing guitar, piano, or any instrument that makes a sound, creating anything from 30 seconds audio clips, to fully self-producing my next musical release and of course, playing live shows for my solo project, Vinten.

When it comes to music production, my ethos is simple... if it sounds good then keep it the way it is.



Working with video has always interested me.  I love just delving in to a project, not knowing exactly how it will turn out, but soaking up the process, and coming out the other end with something you can be proud to share.

When I was a kid, i used to love making wakeboarding videos on a camera that still used tape.  With the quality of camera exponentially better, these days, I love putting together clips, no matter what the footage.

Graphic Design

My interest in graphic design came almost as a necessity.  I have a very DIY approach to everything I do.  I'm always thinking, "I could do that".  As an architecture student, it was almost impossible to make a good impression without a good poster. I was also making many of my own show posters for musical projects, as well as doing posters for friends.  If you need to turn a stormy sky, into a sunny day, or would like to put together a CD cover, I can do that.

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Everything I do ties in with each other in some way, shape, or form.