Time+Tide Watches

Oris launched their new watches, named the 'Great Barrier Reef II' in September 2016.  The music needed to be lush, and rich, and have a caring feel.  A song, not too happy and not too sad was needed to give an edge for the companies marking campaign.

Drive mongolia

For this project, I wrote both the music and edited footage to make a one minute advertisement for Drive Mongolia, an adventure travel company based in Ullanbattar, Mongolia.  The footage was taken throughout the country using a mix of digital cameras, GoPro's, and a drone.  The music for this needed to be both enegetic yet nostolgic.

Bond and pixel

Bond and Pixel are an Australian husband and wife duo, who have an adventure packed life.  They document their time through thier blog ( bondandpixel.com ).  When its time to put sound to video, they contact me to get the right song for them.

Future Capital Group

Future Capital Group are a Melbourne based, multi-faceted construction company.  In order to boost their online marketing, FCG employed me to edit existing footage of their projects, as well as provide music to accompany the videos.  I was also responsible for animating the Future Capital Group logo at the beginning of the video.

For this video I wrote and produced the track in collaboration with a Melbourne artist, as well as edited the footage.  Future Capital Group needed a video that sold their recently finished development to potential future clients.  I felt the video needed to establish a sense of luxury and class.